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Breaking Barriers: Job Opportunities for the Visually Impaired in the EU!

In the spirit of inclusivity, we’re thrilled to share the rising wave of job opportunities for blind individuals right here in the European Union. Companies across the EU are recognizing the incredible talents and potential of visually impaired professionals. 🌈 From tech to finance, arts to advocacy, the possibilities are limitless!

By fostering accessible work environments and leveraging adaptive technologies, we are embracing diversity and transforming lives. The partner organization from Croatia, has taken a significant step towards inclusivity by employing a visually impaired person as a project manager. Meet Ivana, who brings over 5 years of experience in NGOs dedicated to assisting people with disabilities and visual impairment. She is a valuable member of the CABPS team, always ready to offer guidance and support to individuals with visual impairment. Her dedication and expertise contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment.