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How to Make Life Easier and Safer for Seniors with Low Vision?

Many people would consider losing their eyesight one of the worst losses they could endure. While most of us will not suffer from complete blindness, millions currently live with some form of visual impairment.

👩🏼‍🦯Tips and Products for Helping a Senior with Low Vision

☑️Good Lighting is Key

☑️Take Steps to Minimize Fall Risks

☑️Improve Household Organization

☑️Embrace Contrasting Colors

☑️Work with a Low Vision Specialist

☑️Provide Moral Support

💡Vision loss shouldn’t mean the end of the activity for seniors. Indeed, there are a number of ways low-vision seniors can stay active and healthy, and ways for caregivers to support them.

🎯 Some independent activities for a blind elderly include:

✅Listening to podcasts and audiobooks

✅Dancing to music

✅A furry companion



In addition to the above-listed independent activities, there are also many excellent options for group activities which are:

✅Board games and cards

✅Walking groups

✅Exercise classes

✅Coffee dates

✅Cooking classes