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KDAP MEA PROSVASI honored the International Day of Disabled People with the participation for the second year in the Inclusive Action Taekwondo

“TOGETHER UNITED STRENGTHS”. Organized by the Cultural Association International Taekwondo for Disabled Greece.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦Six children-adults with disabilities and three instructors traveled to the EEEEK Piraeus to give their own message about “inclusion”.

🏅Associations and individuals from all over Attica, Corinth and Larissa participated in the action. 🤝People with and without disabilities became one, got to know each other, participated and learned about sports and martial arts forms through exercises and group stations. 🤼

🏆And of course, at the end, Certificates of Participation were awarded to children as well as instructors. While the team of KDAP MEA PROSVASI, continued the walk in the center of Athens, always with a view of the imposing Parthenon.

🎉Many congratulations for the continuous work with our children to the certified Tae Kwon do instructor for the disabled of KDAP MEA PROSVASI LARISSA Mr. George and of course, to our children for their continuous and selfless effort. 👏