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KDAP MEA PROSVASI LARISSAS, participated in the Festival of Pineios for the second consecutive year, from June 21 to 24, 2023

Days full of fun, endless games and lots of happy voices with many interactive and original activities.

The main objectives and main drive of the structure’s participation in the Festival, as in all our external actions, is the development and promotion of concepts such as awareness and inclusion. In other words, we as a society must include People with Disabilities in all events and in our daily life.

They are part of society and must be treated by everyone as equal members. This will be achieved through the continuous participation of People with Disabilities in every joint action.

So that the citizens of Larissa and beyond, get to know and come into contact with the space of People with Disabilities. Finally, at the festival, this was implemented with great success and we all became one.

Activities such as face painting, taekwondo, survivor games, jewelery workshop and many more, caused laugh and unforgettable moments.