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KDAP MEA PROSVASI, organized a Certified FIRST AID seminar for the staff of KDAP MEA PROSVASI in Larissa city by volunteers of E.O.D. Greek Dissemination Group which is certified by the ERC (European Resuscitation Council)

In our facilities, we have as priority the safety of people but also the continuous development and improvement of the services we offer as staff, for children and adults with disabilities ♿️ and of course to the parents who give us their trust and cooperation every day. 🙏

💡Do you know what is First Aid ?

First aid is the immediate care given to the person who needs it after an accident or sudden illness until medical attention is obtained.

📍 The value of providing first aid is great because:

1️⃣ Accidents are more and more frequent so each of us has witnessed an accident at least once.

2️⃣ No matter how great a country’s health coverage is, it is never possible for medical help to reach the highway or our home.

📍 The purpose of first aid is to:

1️⃣ To keep the sick person alive.

2️⃣ To relieve one’s pain or suffering.

3️⃣ To prevent deterioration.

‼️ The ability to provide first aid would be good for everyone. But special training is often needed.

➡️ In order to give first aid correctly, some conditions need to be met. 📍 These should be:

1️⃣ Check if you are also in danger with your help, e.g. electric shock, drowning

2️⃣ Keep calm

3️⃣ Immobilize the patient

4️⃣ Check his general condition (respiration, circulation, bleeding).

5️⃣ Call for help

6️⃣ Give information to the nursing staff about what you did.

7️⃣ First aid can be continued during transport.