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Pilot testing in Croatia

The Erasmus+ CSI: MART project, coordinated by, is dedicated to creating specially designed activities for young people with disabilities. The successful pilot testing in Croatia underscored the importance of tailored interventions that address the challenges and opportunities faced by the most disadvantaged group. By combining #mindfulness methodologies and #arttherapy practices, the project is creating a foundation for the further development of #activitiesaimed at individuals with disabilities.

During the pilot testing, all #participants showed a high level of engagement and enthusiasm. They expressed appreciation for the opportunity to participate in new and interesting activities. Particularly well-received was the mindfulness approach, as it equipped them with techniques they could readily incorporate into their daily routines.

What did we #test?

This activity was conducted with a group of 10 young individuals with sight impairment. The primary purpose of this national pilot testing was to gauge participant reactions and responses to a series of activities:

📣The Path of Memory: a creative exercise designed to stimulate memory recall and sensory engagement, allowing participants to connect with their surroundings in a unique way.

🧘Morning Mindfulness Activities: introducing participants to mindfulness practices, helping them build a foundation for emotional regulation, stress reduction, and focus enhancement.

🤠Caps for the Heads: an art therapy endeavor, enabling participants to express their thoughts and emotions through the creation of personalized headwear.

🤡The Tiritoba Project: an artistic collaboration that encouraged participants to collectively produce a screenplay and learn to use puppet dolls in order to produce a final piece of artwork.